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Islamism, The Dangerous Threat for the Modern Era!

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While the world was busy finding a vaccine to overcome the end-of-the-world Covid-19 pandemic, and while everyone was busy with the Trump-Biden election show, the horrifying incident happened, not on the streets of Kabul, or Baghdad, but in Paris.

Samuel Paty, the middle school teacher, got beheaded by his own student, due the Muhmmad cartoon he showed during his lesson at school.

The recent horrifying terror of Samuel Paty, in Paris, and the terrorist attack in Austria, and the terrorist attempts in Germany, once again reminded everyone that the threat of anti-human and barbaric political movement, known as political Islam movement, is still serious.

Political Islam movement has committed many felonies and crimes against humanity over the past four decades. Women, LGBTQI groups, Atheists, ExMuslims, etc can be seen as the first and most prioritized classes of victims.                                                           

However, vanguard, modern and humanist movements against the political Islam can be observed in Middle Eastern and North African countries.

The time you are reading this article, the Political Islam movement is struggling to get more space and funds in European and North American countries. One of the most important problems we face is that the governments in the west, recognise Islamic diplomats as the representatives of the people in the middle east, therefore they have close economical and political relationships with them.

In some cases, Islamists are accredited in the west to help middle eastern refugees to integrate into host countries. Consequently, today we know many mosques and Islamic institutions which are sponsored financially by the European and North American governments.

Such a wrong policy based on multiculturalism theories, has resulted in the creation of many mosques and Islamic institutions in the west that provoke Islamism, and recruit from both refugees and citizens of the western countries.

Nowadays, due to vast propaganda system working for Islamism, criticising Islam has become so tough and somehow impossible.

We, Islam critics are getting labelled as Islamophobic and threatened by Islamists on daily basis.

The other issue of modern society is that far right and populist wings and movements see the Islamism growth in the west as a great opportunity to provoke racists and anti refugees theories.

However, despite all the mentioned problems, criticising Islam has become so popular these days.

We believe, it is vital to organise the movement and vast social awareness, against the political Islam and Islamism, and let the world hear the voice of people living under the Islamic oppressions. The governments in the west must be under pressure to stop recognising Islamic and terrorist groups , diplomats, and political parties.                

We believe protecting the right of freedom of speech, including criticising Islam is a vital matter for everyone nowadays.

We believe all the Islamic organisations in all countries must be monitored, all the public funds to Islamic organisations must be cut, and any Imam and other person who promotes Islamic terrorism must be arrested immediately.

We believe the world must be united and follow a worldwide policy in order to overcome Islamism, and Islamic terrorism.

We, all Ex-Muslim organisations all around the world, and Islam critics can be seen as the front line of the global battle against Islamic terrorism, and we are happy to play role to offer solutions in order to get the global coalition against our common Islamic threat.

Milad Resaeimanesh, The Central Committee of Ex Muslims In Scandinavia Spokesperson

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