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Uganda: With science we can progress! A report from Kasese Humanist School

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Uganda is a highly religious society. Not even 1% of the habitants are nonreligious and to be an atheist is a very strange thing to be. However, in the Kasese District in western Uganda the Kasese United Humanist Association has founded a humanist school.

Kasese humanist school is a secular school that is built on the foundation of science and cherishes humanist values. We expose to our student critical thinking skills and debates, and we engage them in hands-on skills like tailoring, weaving, knitting, gardening, cookery, carpentry, fine art to mention but a few.

The school was founded in 2011 by Kasese United Humanist Association. The school is managed by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, has 3 campuses and conducts classes from nursery, primary and secondary school. Our campuses are located in Rukoki, Muhokya and Kahendero all in Kasese District in western Uganda.

The school teaches the Uganda curriculum and spices it with other curricula’s,  the school actively engages in tree planting initiatives, crop farming and sustainable small scale ventures aimed at empowering the people we work with and the community at large. We have libraries open to our students and the general public to keep them informed and we strive to fight against ignorance, poverty, disease and irrational superstitious beliefs.

Our school motto is “With Science, we can progress”

Here are some voice from the students:

My name is Masika Provia, am 13 years old,
studying at Kasese Humanist School in Primary 7 class.
I am so glad being a pupil at this wonderful school,
we do a lot of things while at this school and
among them are the following:
We study math, English, science, social studies and humanist studies.
We also learn handworks as in fine art, modeling objects out of mud,
letter writing to pen pals, debates, playing games like scrabble, chess,
volley ball, soccer, netball, computer, we do have some party moments
on some days, we do gardening.
I love this school so much because they help me study freely,
because i am good at playing netball and i was helped keep in school
and develop my talent.
My name is Kamalha Brian, am a student at Kasese Humanist School
in the secondary section. I am in Form 1 and aged 14 years.
Am so grateful being a student at this school for i wouldnt be in
school if it had not been the efforts of the school Director
Bwambale Robert Musubaho.
I am an orphan coming from a poor family background
and a great beneficiary of Kasese Humanist Child sponsorship program.
I have been kept in school for the last 3 years now and am happy that
this school has exposed me the world. The school is fully equipped with
so many books in our library. We do have computers with internet
which has helped us to know more about what is happening in the world.
This has helped me to get chance of interacting with people from all the
parts of the world. Am so happy with the education i am getting at
Kasese Humanist School and i am determined to keep in school
for a better future.
I am Masika Rihanna, I am 10 years old, i am a student in Primary 4 class
at Kasese Humanist School – Rukoki. I am glad to be a student of
this good school. The school has nice buildings unlike some other
schools in this area. Our buildings are made of bricks,
with doors and windows. The classrooms are big enough to fit us.
We sit very well in our classrooms. Our school office, chicken house,
 gate keeper house, our school library are all made of bricks.
Our school kitchen and staff houses are brick houses.
Our classroom floors have cement on them while others have
concrete floor, there are few classrooms that don’t have cement or concrete.
There is good fresh air in our classrooms. Our school library is big enough
with good chairs and tables which we use.

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You can support our School project through the following organizations:
Humanist Global Charity:
Atheist Alliance International:

Bwambale Robert Musubaho, director and by children at the Kasese Humanist Schools

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