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Religion – a very strong mental virus

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No doubt that the right to blaspheme is a topic, nowadays many people talk or write about. In the post modern world we are living in, it’s certainly one the most basic and indisputable rights of everyone to freely criticize the fundamentals of every single one of religions which have fanatical believers. I seriously doubt that strongly defending  the freedom of speech which includes the right to blaspheme is the only possible way to break the old but still very tough chains of religiosity and regressiveness. The chains that unfortunately are still tough enough to prevent so many minds from thinking in a modern and logical way.

Fanatical religionists are aware of the importance of blasphemy even more than we the blaspheming right defenders do. Therefore, most of the religious leader’s confrontation with blaspheming people is meaningfully much more aggressively than their confrontation with those who just break the rules of the religion.

According to the Islamic doctrines, blaspheming people are the same people who are accused to exite sedition by the Quran. According to the Quran, the people who criticize the Islamic beliefs or blaspheme, weaken the Muslims’ faith in Allah by casting doubt on the Islamic worldview.

“Kill the infidels so they cannot exite sedition and it’s only Allah’s religion that should remain” (The Noble Quran – Sureh al Baghareh – verse 191.)

In the whole history of Islam, it has been powerful just because of the large population of its brain washed believers so it’s really important to Islamic leaders to constantly keep their obeyer’s minds away from any type of doubts and questions. As a result it is not surprising that Muslim leaders violently suppress any kind of criticism and blasphemy. According to the Islamic rules, those who blasphem in public are apostates and have to be murdered in the most brutal way so other people never dare to blasphem again.

Blasphemy is some kind of self defense we have to do because we don’t have any alternate choice but to do it. We have to defend ourselves against the most dangerous invasion of religion (specially  Islam) which begins in our families. If you are born into a Muslim family (especially if you’re a girl) your parents will probably be the first Islamic warriors you have to fight with. They will be threatening your mental health every moment. Family could turn into the most dangerous organization in which innocent children are subject to a very horrible brain washing machine which has been stablish by religion. This horrible brain washing machine is so powerful than it could easily make you believe that it’s your own choice to be a believer, whereas you have never been really free to choose. As a woman who was born in a Muslim family, I firmly believe that it’s definitely an emergency need to defend the right of blaspheming.

The greatest achievement the human society can reach through defending the right to blaspheme is to stablish a safer legal structure for the children of religious parents by trying to impact on the governmental and political systems of countries to provide more effective legal and social support for children. We should all try and not let innocent children ( specially the female children ) to be victimized by the religious brain washing machine. As a woman who was born to faithful Muslim parents I wish to be heard by people all over the world. I want everyone to know how hard I have been mentally damaged by my religious parents during my bitter childhood. I want everyone to know how much fear, grief and feeling of guilt have been imposed on my ignorant parents during the dark days of my life as a young girl. I’m sure that most of the psychological damages I and many other people like me have been involved in, will never be completely cured. I don’t want anyone else to be wounded like I was, and this is my main reason for defending the right to blaspheme. I don’t need to ask the word for my basic rights such as safety, blasphemy, and also my bodily autonomy because unfortunately our world is too unfair to give us our fundamental rights so easily. The fact is we all have to fight hard for every single one of them.

Religion is nothing but a very strong mental virus which has been created by some evil but genius people to throw your mind into something like a intentionally made PTSD. This savage virus gradually gets injected into your brain by your religious parents while you’re in the most delicate situation. You grow up and this terrible virus grows up within you. It turns you into a robot. Into an emotionless and blood-thirsty zombie!

Now you can easily murder everyone who criticizes your beliefs just because your holy bible has ordered you to do. This savage virus gradually penetrates the depth of your unconscious mind and afflicts your mind with fear and obsession,
This virus also ruins its victims’ self-esteem. A majority of them lose the ability to go through a healthy and normal process of reaching mental maturity and many of them never regain the control of their minds to thinking and deciding logically.
I hope I will be heard by those teenagers who are being unfairly bombed every moment by the religious media, by their religious parents and schoolteachers, by preachers. As a victim of religion, my only hope is to be heard by the next generation which is regretfully still subject to the dangerous virus of religion in many countries. Blasphemy is a part of my humanistic conciliatory effort to rescue as many people as I can.

Pseudonym: Mani
Ex muslim, homosexual, female activist
Teheran, Iran

Dela artikeln